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We spent the last 15 years buying up and hoarding all the Mason County topaz rough we could get, to make sure of the supply of Texas Topaz.  Custom cutting is available if you don't find the perfect gem here. We love to cut one for you. The inventory is constantly turning, so just because it's here, doesn't mean it's still in stock.  Feel free to call.  We text and Email photos of jewelry all the time.  

  • Blue Topaz

    Square Cut Natural Dark Blue Topaz from Mason Texas.

  • B. Diane Eames

    I started gem faceting in 2006 and have been lucky enough to have some of the best in the business as guides and mentors.  As a member of the U.S. Faceter’s Guild, and past president of the Texas Faceter’s Guild, the learning
    curve keeps on going. I now share my skill demonstrating faceting and giving talks about faceting and our topaz. Mason, Texas is a special place. As well as being the home of Texas topaz, it has historically had a gem faceter.  Since the '60's, there has been a "cutter" in this little town, turning clear, rounded topaz into beautiful gems.  Gem Faceter’s are relatively rare, and for a small town to have a number of Faceter’s over the years is impressive.  I am the fourth cutter in Mason, but the first that is a professional jeweler.  My jewelry training and experience makes it possible for me to share our beautiful gems with you. My skills are as craftsman, gemologist, and fine jeweler. They are skills honed by thirty + years’ experience in the jewelry industry. Years of being exposed to the best designs and materials used in fine jewelry. Years of training and experience to identify, describe and evaluate jewelry of all time periods and design schools. Time spent in formal training in gemology, provided by the most nationally recognized school in the jewelry industry, the gemological institute of America. My craft is a place where science and art meet. My craft is molded by my home state of Texas. It reflects the love of this place and its people. There is history and soul in the dirt here, and it affects all of us. There is pride of place. The love of this place has led me to learn the craft of lapidary, taught and encouraged by the best in the field. I express the ethos of my home state through gems and jewelry. There is a special thrill in coaxing a star out of a rough piece of topaz, to create another state gemstone of Texas. It is an honor to join the line of Texas faceters.